Sunday, February 3, 2008

The girl who rode the foam...

Leigh announced on Thursday that she is going to be a professor one day, but that she first wants to be a surfer like her oldest sister.

She proceeded promptly to the storeroom and emerged with one of her sister's more advanced boards - one that is referred to amongst the surfers here as a "tricks board" or something. The cool graphics on it drew her to it, I think.

We spend the next hour convincing her that all surfers were body boarders first before her sister and her friends could take the prospective wave riding professor for her first session in the surf.

According to all reports she really rode the foam...

(The pictures were taken with one of the guys' cellphone)


Anonymous said...

She's determined. She will probably be a champion some day :-)
The cellphone shots are great!

Nikita said...

Cute girl... let her do it! :)

Webster Twelb said...

She's just great! Let her do everything she wants (except bad things, of course!), just guide her!

Who knows..she could be the next big surfer..